SOL Staking

A step by step guide on how stake/unstake SOL to get rewards

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Step 1: Launch App and connect wallet

Refer to Get Started

Step 2: Stake

Navigate to Earn -> SOL staking

On the Stake tab, enter the amount of SOL you wish to stake. Then click Stake.

โš ๏ธ Note: There is no deposit fee, but a management fee will be charged on user's staking rewards.

Approve the transaction in your wallet. Once the transaction is done. You will receive the respective amount of amtSOL in your wallet. ๐ŸŽ‰

amtSOL will constantly grow in value with the staked SOL rewards being auto-compounded. It can be exchanged for SOL at any time in the open market or be used to generate additional yields across the Solana ecosystem.

Step 3: Unstake and Withdraw

You can redeem amtSOL for SOL at any time and withdraw SOL through Unstake tab.

โš ๏ธ Note: You can also exchange amtSOL for SOL at any time in the open market.

  • Enter the amount of amtSOL you wish to redeem

  • Choose the withdrawal method: Instant or Delayed

  • Click Unstake.

  • Approve the transaction in your wallet.

> Instant Withdraw

Unstaked SOL will be deposited into your wallet immediately with redemption fees ranging from 0.3% to 3%.

> Delayed Withdraw

No redemption fees will be charged. However, you have to wait for some time to withdraw the unstaked amount.

You can check the time on your withdrawal ticket at the bottom. Click Withdraw to get the unstaked amount back to your wallet when this button is enabled.

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