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A step by step guide on how to buy cover

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Step 1: Launch APP and connect wallet

Refer to Get Started

Step 2: Buy covers

Navigate to Cover -> Buy covers

A collection of covers will be displayed. Use the search bar on the left to search for the cover product or filers on the right to filter the product by Chain and Risk Type.

Click anywhere on the cover product you wish to purchase.

Enter the Cover Amount and Cover Period for each protocol. Once done, wait for the system to calculate the Total Premium.

⚠️ Note: If you are a proud owner of any of our Metabears (Basic, Elite or Pro), you will receive a cover discount (5%, 7% and 10%) factored in your Total Premium as seen below. Please ensure that you have your Metabear in your wallet. If you do not own a Metabear, please continue on.

Check the Total Premium, and click Confirm

⚠️ Note: The cover amount is denominated in aUWT. Upon a successful claim, you will be paid in aUWT up to the cover amount which is calculated based on the price of aUWT at the time the loss event is triggered.

Approve the payment in your wallet. Once the transaction is done, congratulations! your assets are now get protected by Amulet!

Step 3: View covers

You can view the covers purchased by navigating to Cover > My Covers.

Click the "Link icon" on the right of each row to view the transaction details.

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